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Mar 18, 2013 12:30am EDT
the government's permission before i buy or sell a firearm from someone who is equally law-abiding. i am a threat to no one. as for big gulps, this is another battle being waged by the left. they did not ban cappuccinos because their donors drink them. imagine how the great unwashed likes that. it is a basic attack on your simple pleasures, and it is one of many -- the right to smoke, the right to get a tan. stand up for your rights to please yourself. >> american seniors -- should they be more afraid of our private social a separate accounts or "obamacare"? >> senior should not be as afraid as they are. i think both parties get a lot, especially the democratic, but republicans, that is scaring people, and it is wrong. mostis the safest and secure country in history, and all of us, every person, will die. the faster we accept that, the happier we will be. that said, you ought to be concerned with a government that decides it has the power and the knowledge to determine choices of what kind of health care you should pursue against that. you should not let them take away your big gulps.
Mar 17, 2013 9:30pm EDT
constitutional conservativism, including life and marriage and the rule of law. [applause] on the life question. it is simple. i went through the toughest election of my life last fall. i had cameras around me from st. patrick's day to november 6. they were trying to get a second or a minute to run against me in a single ad. they did not get one second, by the way. of they are in the business try to say i did not back up any issue. we battled against life. is human life sacred in all of its forms? yes, it is. at one moment does life begin? at conception. the people on the other side of this question dare not answer either one of those question, they know they lose the debate. i stood on life and i stood on marriage. [applause] and the thing that a bunch of people are backing away from these challenge don't seem to realize, i'm still standing. [applause] why is that? i did not run a campaign on jobs in the economy, jobs in the economy, and beat that drum until i beat people into sleep. that is part of it but the rest of this has to be added together or we can never reconstruct this country. we w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2